Hope Land’s Vision

We believe that God has called us to be a community modelling solutions to some of the many problems created by HIV/AIDS and to be a training centre running schools accredited by YWAM’s University of the Nations.

Break the cycle

The HIV/AIDS epidemic rages on in Africa, following a cycle that keeps individuals, families, and communities in a hopeless downward spiral unless it is interrupted. HIV infection, when untreated, leads to death, leaving behind orphans and vulnerable children. Because of their vulnerable position, these children end up out of schools and left in unsafe circumstances and lifestyles, which often leads to them becoming infected with HIV, and the cycle begins again.

At Hope Land, our vision is to interrupt the downward spiral, breaking the cycle of death and releasing communities into hope and life. These are some of the ways we are breaking the cycle.

Our History

In 1986, Nick and Cheryl Dekoning and Alphonse Rwiririza came from Kenya to start Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Uganda.

Hope Land base began in 1991. The base pioneers fought with dense bush, snakes, and mud in an area where many people feared to go because it was notorious for violent thieves. Thanks to their hard work and prayers, as well as those of the many people who have followed them, we now have a beautiful and safe base.

Uganda in the early 90’s had rates of HIV infection around 30% in some groups of people, and became evident that HIV threatened the recovery of the nation after years of war. Hope Land’s focus was therefore fixed on strategies to help those who were sick and dying with AIDS and to help prevent more people being infected.

For example, over the years we have provided medical help to sick people, our counselling school has trained people to support those living with HIV, and our family ministry school has trained people to help families struggling with grief and struggling to take care of orphans. Our preschool has educated orphans, and our vocational training school has provided hope to teenagers who might otherwise have fallen into unlawful and unsafe lifestyles to provide for their needs. This is just a taste of the many things God has done through Hope Land ministries and training programmes.

Uganda has an amazing story of how it tackled HIV and saw infection rates fall to around 6% of the adult population, but HIV remains a disease with devastating impact on individuals, families, and society. With HIV rates in Uganda starting to rise again, Hope Land remains focussed on HIV as a major issue.