Base needs

As we are a large and growing base, serving a substantial number of people in a wide variety of ministries, we always welcome your gifts! Give to the general fund, to one of our ministries, or to help cover living costs for our staff members.

Or, if you’d like to give to one of our special projects, listed below are a few of the Hope Land projects that are currently in need of funding.

Primary School Need

Because of the great success of our school here at the Hope Land base, we continue to grow every year! Every year we have parents requesting us to offer Primary 1 - Primary 7, enabling the students to receive their full primary training here at Hope Land. In February 2017 we opened Primary 4 class (in addition to Primary 1, 2, and 3, which opened in previous years) and our dream is to be able to see our students from preschool all the way through primary school with an excellent education, preparing them to glorify God and influence the world they live in as they go through life. 

We have an urgent need to build new classrooms to house the expanding school. We have paid for the land where the primary school will be built, but still need funding to build the classrooms. If you would like to partner with us in this ministry or to know more about the primary school please speak with Tom or any leader.


Hospitality Complex

We have an amazing conference center building which is a 
valuable source of income for YWAM Hope Land. We would love to partner our Vocational Training School and hospitality ministries, giving the VTS girls on-the-job training in hospitality, catering, serving, and other important work skills as they host our conference groups. We would appreciate your prayers for finances to begin building the hospitality complex. We believe that YWAM Hope Land has been given a beautiful campus which can host many visitors, yet we often struggle with lack of space. Please consider partnering with us in this project.


Giving to Hope Land

Contact us for more information on any of these projects and how you can donate.