Discovery Centre

Discovery Centre is a young people’s center located in a beautiful rural setting, on 25 acres of land within YWAM Hope Land in Jinja, Uganda. It overlooks Lake Victoria and the vast Kakira sugarcane plantation. We work with local and international schools, scouts, boys’ brigades, church youth groups, other youth organizations and the local young people. We invite all groups to come and learn, discover and experience the excitement here. Learning is taken to the next level in a very practical and fun way through outdoor education. We teach the youth teamwork, communication, general life skills, and a positive Christian lifestyle that can’t always be taught in a classroom setting. We use a variety of aids such as a challenge course, orienteering, initiative games, team games and activities that continue to encourage and strengthen relationships. We have also run a number of football (soccer) schools, teaching basic skills and techniques, personal fitness, discipline and practical life lessons.

Discovery Centre is often used as a retreat location for churches, organizations, and sport teams. We are pleased to host and encourage visiting groups to utilize our facilities. Our participation ranges from organizing a full program to helping groups run their own programs.

We are currently in the process of building a new soccer field of international quality to draw professional and international teams. This in turn will draw more of the community and provide new opportunities of ministry and discipleship.

This ministry is a partnership between Youth With A Mission and Action Centres UK-Adventure Projects Trust.


The goal of Discovery Centre is to promote the gospel and kingdom of Jesus Christ by providing an atmosphere, particularly for the children and young people of Uganda, that facilitates the release of their potential as whole people in respect of their physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.


  • Sports Ministry: a boys’ football (soccer) team that participates in a nationally promoted and organized program
  • Village Ministry: working with local youth in conjunction with their village churches
  • Challenge Course: a hands-on, interactive area used to talk about life challenges, emotions, and facing fear and the future
  • Refugee Children’s Ministry: we bring children in from North Uganda who have been relocated due to insecurities in their home village from rebels. They come and live at our base for one week where we shown them life outside of a refugee camp. While they are with us we teach them AIDS awareness.