Evangelism Team

The evangelism team visits prisons, hospitals, villages, and schools to present the gospel through preaching, teaching, and mercy ministry.


Home of Hope 
  • Home of Hope is an existing organization we have partnered with to bring hope to the children.
  • Most of the children staying there are severely disabled, so interacting with them is a challenge.
  • We pray for them, play with them, and try to show them that they are loved by God.
Prision Ministry
  • Sharing the Word of God and praying for prisoners in an effort to encourage them and strengthen their faith.
  • When possible we help to provide prisoners with some of their needs, including soap, shoes, medicine, Bibles, etc.
  • We have seen prisoners get saved and also receive physical healing, as well as hearing testimonies from them about God’s faithfulness.
Child Restoration Outreach (street kids ministry)
  • Sharing devotions and Bible stories with the children in an effort to encourage them to make good decisions, as well as reassure them of God’s love for them and their value in His eyes.
  • Playing games, singing songs, watching videos and spending time with the children.
  • Child Restoration Outreach is an existing organization that we have partnered with. We have seen children go from street life to school, where they get a chance at a brighter future.
Hospital Ministry
  • Talking and listening to patients’ stories and praying for them, encouraging them and sharing the Word of God. 
  • When we feel led, we also help to provide food and medicine to the patients, as well as Bibles. 
  • We have seen patients make amazing recoveries from long-term illnesses, as well as severe injuries.