GENESIS (Video conferencing)

The vision of GENESIS is to multiply Biblical teaching to every nation and make it accessible to the upcoming generation where the need is the greatest. Using video-conferencing technology, GENESIS is linking people from all continents in a global classroom with access to real-time, interactive learning sessions with the best teachers available.


Today’s technology link us with people everywhere. Suddenly, it is possible to meet without travelling. Seeing and hearing each other as if in the same room, while thousands of miles apart, is no longer a dream. GENESIS brings people together and creates a global classroom to learn from each other. The remote places are no longer isolated and now have access to the best teachers. GENESIS gives a voice to the ones whose voice was not heard, giving them opportunity without boundaries.


GENESIS is one of our greatest resources at Hope Land. We are blessed with the technology that allows us to connect to the rest of the world and to access all of YWAM/UOFN’s resources for teaching, training, and growing spiritually and as a base. For global information on GENESIS visit