Women With Hope In Christ

Namaziba Village

Namaziba is the name of the village next to Hopeland. Namaziba means “a place of deep sorrow from which no good can come.” In the past Namaziba has been infamous for drunkeness and poverty and as a place of widows and people living with HIV infection.

Support Groups

Hopeland Women’s Ministry was founded to reach out to the women of Namaziba through fellowship groups where the women could come for prayer and Bible study, but as relationships were built with the women, it also became obvious that they have many practical needs. The women’s ministry has since been aiming to meet some of these needs in addition to providing emotional and spiritual support through the weekly group meetings.

Women attending the meetings testify that their lives have been transformed as they’ve learnt to trust God and mend broken relationships. They have also received hope and encouragement through knowing Jesus and sharing their struggles with each other. The village of Namaziba is itself changing, with drunkeness greatly reduced and a gradual reduction in poverty.

Hopeland Women’s Ministry has expanded to include women from several other villages, and the women have formed themselves into special interest groups such as those living with HIV and widows.

Meeting Their Needs

Through generous donations we have been able to build a house for one of the women and help many with food and small household items.

Education and Child Sponsorship

Many of the women have young children who are receiving education at our Hopeland Preschool, and we also sponsor around 60 children to attend primary school.