YWAM Hope Land

Community Development School

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Dates TBA

Topics include

  • Biblical Worldview & Development
Development Principles
Community Transformation
  • The role of the Local Church & Development
  • Team Dynamics
Community Assessment and Planning

  • Cross-cultural Skills
Community Health and Development

  • Appropriate Technologies
Global Issues Effecting Development

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The time is now for the nations of Africa. God has a destiny for the continent. How do nations move from despair to hope?

It’s about restoring broken relationships!

The restoration of broken relationships between people, between ‘man’ and God, and between ‘man’ and creation move’s a nation closer to God’s intentions. The key is people – transformed hearts, minds, and lives; which leads to transformed communities, societies, and nations.

What does it mean to impact whole society? What are God’s intentions for us as individuals as well as for us corporately - for communities, cities, and nations? What does it mean to “Reconcile to [God] all things” (Col 1:20)? How do we effect change on a large scale? And what is our role and our responsibility in the communities in which we live?

These are some questions we will explore over the course of the school.