YWAM Hope Land

Family Ministry School


  • Latest arrival: TBA
  • Lecture phase: TBA
  • Outreach phase: TBA
  • Graduation: TBA


  • Lecture Phase
    12 weeks

  • Field Assignment
    8 weeks


Application Fee

US $20 single; or US $30 couple

School Fees

Category A
    Lecture Phase: US $1,500 
  • Category B
    Lecture Phase: US $1,000 
  • Category C
    Lecture Phase: US $400

Field Assignment - Depends on location.


0-5 years - US $100 covers meals, living costs and preschool/daycare.

  • 6 years and older - US $180 covers meals and living costs.

Check your country’s financial category here.

The Family Ministry School (FMS) is a second-level University of the Nations course with a primary focus on training people in building families on godly principles. In doing this it is an important part of the great commission, “Go and make disciples of all the nations.” This school is accredited with the College of Counseling and Health Care of YWAM’s University of the Nations (FAM 256/257). The FMS helps its students to understand God’s plan for the correct functioning of marriage and family. It also develops counseling skills that will equip students to help others in a needy world. In order to multiply the teachings in FMS, students learn to run seminars in their communities. The foundational teachings of this course restore, reconcile, heal, and equip families and leaders.

Course Content

Topics covered in the Family Ministry School include:

  • Biblical principles of family, marriage, and parenting 

  • The dysfunctional family

  • Marriage and family restoration

  • Building relationships within the family

  • Normal and abnormal sexuality

  • Basic family counseling skills

  • Ministering to families in need

  • Work and minister with others in a team

These topics, combined with staff guidance, work to nurture individuals into leaders who change not only their own lives and families but then also their churches, communities, governments, and beyond.

Lecture Phase

During the lecture phase, students will experience a program that includes worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, teachings, small groups, workshops, journaling, written and oral assignments, family gatherings, daycare and school for children, and work duties. It will include teachings and ministry for the whole family. There are many opportunities for fun times and recreation.

Outreach Phase

The 8-week outreach phase of FMS is an important opportunity to apply the practical teachings from the lecture phase in caring and useful ways to the people of Uganda and East Africa. Recently, FMS has sent outreach teams to Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, and many Ugandan cities and villages.


Successful completion of YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS).