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Performing Arts Discipleship Training


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  • Lecture Phase
    13 weeks
  • Outreach Phase
    11 weeks
  • Debrief
    1 week


Application Fee

US $15 or 20,000  Ush

School Fees

  • Category A
    Lecture Phase: US $1,200 
    Outreach Phase: US $400
    Total US $1,600 
  • Category B
    Lecture Phase: US $900
    Outreach Phase: US $200
    Total US $1,100 
  • Category C
    Lecture Phase: US $300 or 780,000  USh
    Outreach Phase: US $100 or 260,000  USh
    Total US $400 or 1,300 ,000 USh

(Outreach phase depends on location)

Check your country’s financial category here.

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If God is drawing you to grow deeper spiritually and use your passion for performing to glorify Him, the Performing Arts Discipleship Training School is the destination for you.  Experience a program in which the teaching and applications bring you closer to God, and your talents, skills and experiences are dedicated to his glory. 

The arts is a powerful tool for communicating the gospel. This school gives Christian artists the opportunity to be part of a creative, artistic community while at the same time giving the inner most beings and passions to God to use for His glory.  The school begins with a 13-week lecture phase and continues with an 12-week performance tour.

Course Content

Topics covered in the DTS include:

  • Week 1: Orientation Vision Casting: Worship, Intercession, Meditation, Journaling
  • Week 2: Nature and Character of Jesus, Intimacy with God and Hearing His Voice
  • Week 3: Worship
  • Week 4: Father Heart
  • Week 5: Divine Plumbline
  • Week 6: Christmas Week - Break
  • Week 7: Theatre
  • Week 8: Dance
  • Week 9: The Person, Gifts, and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Week 10: Interpersonal Relationships
  • Week 11: Spiritual Warfare
  • Week 12: Evangelism & Missions
  • Week 13: Outreach Preparation
  • Week 14-24: Outreach
  • Week 25: Debrief
  • Week 26: Graduation

The DTS is not just about accumulating knowledge, but about leading the students to develop their own individual daily walk with God and to discover their unique gifts and ministry.

Lecture Phase

Beginning every day with worship and intercession, the lecture phase focuses on fostering a connection with God and building unity within the students. Students are also encouraged to develop personal disciplines such as Bible reading and daily quiet time with God.

The mornings will concentrate on enabling students to know God better through teachings from a variety of international and local speakers with an emphasis on performing arts.

The afternoons will focus on practical application of the arts, with daily rehearsals and workshops. This will be a time of challenging and developing your existing skills, so it is necessary to have some skill in one or more of the performance disciplines. Disciplines will include:

  • Singers — Classical, Contemporary, Gospel, Rap, Lyricists, Poets
  • Musicians — All Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion (Local Drums and Drum Kit), Bass, Brass, Strings, etc
  • Dancers — African Cultural, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Breakdance, etc
  • Theatre — Finding and freeing expressive capabilities through acting, drama, mime, etc
  • Multimedia — Audio/Video tech/crew

Outreach Phase

Bringing the scripture to life through a variety of artistic mediums, students will implement the skills they have acquired and refined throughout the lecture phase. The performance group will blend together the unique talents and giftings as they see God at work in their own lives and in the people around them. Outreach consists of 11 weeks of non-stop action as the team tours to many locations in the East Africa region.


To participate in a DTS, you must be at least 17 years old and have a desire to know God on a deeper level.

You must speak and understand English.

The PA DTS is accepting of all people and culture, regardless of skill and background. However, preference is given to students with natural ability/raw talent, previous experience, and prior training. Professional experience is welcomed but not necessary.


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