YWAM Hope Land

Vocational Training

Dates: The dates for the next VTS are yet to be announced.

 The course has 3 terms, each lasting approximately 3 months.
Languages: English and local languages

Course Content

Girls on the VTS are taught the skills of baking, cooking, tailoring, and hospitality. They are taught on the job, as hands-on learning has been found to be the most effective method for them to acquire knowledge. The girls are able to sell their tailored items, or baked goods, which then provides the financing for their next project. The girls also strengthen their English throughout the school, are taught life skills, basic literacy and numeracy, and are discipled through Bible study.

Boys on the VTS are taught the skills of brick laying, plumbing, electricity, and many other building and engineering skills. Some of their projects included working to build and repair a house in the local community, and expanding the VTS kitchen, as well as upgrading the plumbing and electricity. The boys are then set with skills that can give them a great advantage in getting employment in the field of maintenance or construction. 

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Kids who drop out of school early either because they can’t afford school fees or because they lack academic skills are at risk of feeling hopeless or useless. They may then also be at risk of behaviour which may result in early pregnancy or HIV infection. The aim of the VTS is to take these kids and train them in practical skills with which they can earn a living while at the same time improving their sense of self-worth and introducing them to the life-changing gospel of Jesus.

The VTS offers its training to disadvantaged youth between 13 and 18 years old, from any religious background or life experience who can prove that they have no other opportunity to continue in the formal education system. We offer both a girls and boys VTS, teaching different skills to each.

This program has seen great success in seeing lives totally changed, from having no hope to leading productive and respectable lives. Students leave here feeling empowered, loved, and accepted. Some have even gone on to further government-level training.

The girls showing off what they have produced in the baking class.
The girls showing off what they have produced in the baking class.


I thank God for all he has done for me. I have enjoyed my time in the vocational training school and have learnt a lot which I thank Him for. the VTS has taught me many skills I thought I would never learn and now at least I know that I am not going out the same I came. I can now begin from somewhere and do something. Going for the internship really helped me learn alot being able to see things for myself and doing them practically. Most of all being and studying here has helped me learn more of God’s word and has equipped me with my walk with the Lord. I thank God for providing us with nice teachers. – Esther Hannah

Praise God, I thank God who has enabled me to come and join the Vocational Training school in Youth With A Mission Uganda. I thank God who has enabled my teachers to teach me very many things and also they took a lot of their time to come to class teaching us. Also I thank the almighty Lord who enabled me to study very well and also to complete my internship very well. God may bless you abundantly my teachers, parents and plus other people round the school. – Kagoya Catherine

I want to thank God for my studies. It was not easy for me to come to this school as it was in a different place away from my home. i was staying with my brother as my mum had died and my father and step mother started to abuse me so I had decided to run away from home. But I am happy to have this opportunity to study and finish my school. – Baluka Betty

The Vocational Training School came back from their internship at the beginning of February. The girls did very well and many of them had guaranteed work after their graduation. We are now happy to write that all the girls have gotten jobs. This has been the most important. Often the students get work in lower class African restaurants where there is little or no contract or policies for the girls to sign, which sadly leads to the girls being exploited or not paid. As a result they can end up back in bad living conditions leaving them open to teenage marriage, prostitution and other dangers, continuing the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. During this school we have seen such a turn-around in added staff members, improved curriculum, improved facilities and equipment. You may be wondering how this happened, well half of our students received sponsorship to participate in this school providing the much needed financial support to make these big improvements.

Please pray with us as we evaluate and plan for our next school. we still have many areas where improvement needs to take place. We want to develop our curriculum further. We also need more staff members in different areas of the school and improved facilities. If you are interested in volunteering with us please don’t hesitate to contact us through YWAM Hope Land.

Our staff are passionate to see lives changed though the healing and restoring power of Jesus Christ but also to develop skills in young people which can help them get jobs and an income.   

To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. – Isaiah 61:3

What we’re dreaming

Hospitality Complex. 
We have an amazing conference center building which is a valuable source of income for YWAM Hope Land. We would love to partner our VTS and hospitality ministries, giving the VTS girls on-the-job training in hospitality, catering, serving, and other important work skills as they host our conference groups. We would appreciate your prayers for finances to begin building the hospitality complex (see architectural sketch below).