Preschool & Primary School

Hope Land Preschool and Primary School aim to provide quality preschool education, with a Christian worldview, to children from a variety of backgrounds. The preschool and primary school are built on a foundation of recognising that all children are precious and equal in God’s sight. The schools are educating more than 140 children, many of whose mothers are ministered involved in Hope Land Women’s Ministry programs.


The vision of the preschool and primary school is to bring up future men and women who will take care of one another and manage their world with stewardship.

Teacher Training

We also train teachers every holiday. We bring in qualified instructors from all over the world to invest in the education of local preschool teachers, preparing them and inspiring them to provide quality preschool education in their local schools.

Primary School Need

Because of the great success of our school here at the Hope Land base, we continue to grow every year! Every year we have parents requesting us to offer Primary 1 - Primary 7, enabling the students to receive their full primary training here at Hope Land. In February 2017 we opened Primary 4 class (in addition to Primary 1, 2, and 3, which opened in previous years) and our dream is to be able to see our students from preschool all the way through primary school with an excellent education, preparing them to glorify God and influence the world they live in as they go through life. 

What would we like to see at the primary school?

  • Strong Christian values are emphasised. We will use the biblical curriculum developed by YWAM’s University of the Nations
  • Academic standards are high
  • School facilities of high standard
  • Family life is valued by valuing parental input into the child’s education and limiting the time which a child spends at school
  • Affordability – this may involve offering full and part scholarships for children from poor families

We have an urgent need to build new classrooms to house the expanding school. We have paid for the land where the primary school will be built, but still need funding to build the classrooms (see architectural sketches below). If you would like to partner with us in this ministry or to know more about the primary school please contact us.